Nationwide Pupil Lodging Survey 2022 – Effects

With power expenses on the upward thrust, our newest lodging survey arrives at a time when scholar renters are dealing with important and fast monetary demanding situations.

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Now in its 6th yr, the Nationwide Pupil Lodging Survey 2022 requested over 1,200 scholars concerning the realities of coping with scholar lodging issues – in particular when confronted with hovering power costs on best of per 30 days hire.

Amongst scholars within the survey who pay expenses, 4 in 5 mentioned they are frightened concerning the emerging prices. However, sadly, the federal government’s make stronger bundle has did not successfully take an infinite collection of scholars’ residing scenarios under consideration.

In truth, from our calculations, we estimate that present scholars may finally end up being over £100 million worse off in comparison to the ones eligible for the whole make stronger bundle.

We’re going to discover this, and a lot more, underneath.

Key findings

Earlier than we unpack the ends up in extra element, here is a fast evaluate of the important thing findings from the Nationwide Pupil Lodging Survey 2022:

  • We estimate that full-time scholars will fail to spot over £40 million of make stronger as they are now not eligible for the £150 council tax rebates. To make issues worse, we think that they are going to finally end up repaying about £60 million greater than they are going to save from the £200 expenses credit score in October.
  • Those mixed may lead present scholars to revel in a £100 million shortfall in comparison to the ones eligible for the federal government’s complete make stronger bundle.
  • 4 in 5 scholars who’ve power expenses are frightened concerning the emerging prices, whilst 3 in 5 have already spotted their expenses building up because of the power disaster.
  • Because of the emerging price of power, scholars within the survey who should not have expenses integrated in hire look forward to reducing again on socialising (54%), groceries (43%), shuttle (42%) and extra.
  • Scholars spend a mean of £148 a week on hire. Worryingly, one in 10 that pay hire describe maintaining with the price of it as a continuing combat.
  • Folks give a contribution a mean of £2,288 a yr against their kid’s hire at college.
  • £285 is the reasonable apartment deposit for college students, however one in 5 have struggled to get their complete deposit again.
  • Probably the most commonplace housing factor for college students is a loss of water or heating, which has affected 30% of the ones within the survey.
  • A 3rd of scholars view their lodging as deficient price for cash.

The place do scholars reside all through time period time?

With the coronavirus restrictions now not having moderately the similar have an effect on on scholars’ residing scenarios as they did closing yr, we now have regarded into whether or not there were any noticeable adjustments in the place scholars make a selection to reside.

Within the 2020/21 instructional yr, we noticed an important shift in additional scholars shifting in with their oldsters because of the pandemic. As many as 35% of scholars within the Nationwide Pupil Lodging Survey 2021 mentioned they moved again in with their oldsters or guardians all through the yr.

This yr, nearly all of scholars within the survey reside in houses with a personal landlord or in college lodging. On the other hand, we’ve got known a slight shift within the percentage of scholars opting for to reside with their oldsters or guardians.

Infographic showing 40% - parents, 27% - uni accommodation, 13% - private halls, 13% - with parents, 4% - own property, 3% - other. On average 21 minutes from campus

In the beginning look, it sounds as if as regardless that there has most effective been a slight exchange within the percentage of scholars residing with their oldsters or guardians this yr when put next with closing yr. At the beginning of 2020/21 (ahead of lockdowns led many to transport again house), most effective 10% of scholars had been residing with their oldsters. This has greater relatively to 13% this yr.

It is in reality after we wreck down the figures through college yr teams that the exchange is maximum noticeable. 2d- and third-year scholars, specifically, are much more likely to reside at house with their oldsters this yr in comparison to closing yr.

Scholars residing with oldsters/guardians 2021 survey 2022 survey
First-year scholars 10% 12%
2d-year scholars 10% 16%
3rd-year scholars 9% 15%

There’s nonetheless a transformation amongst first-year scholars, however the building up isn’t moderately as marked.

It might be that some second- and third-year scholars moved again in with their oldsters or guardians because of the COVID restrictions closing yr and found out the advantages of it in comparison to renting. There may be additionally the possible that some had been excited about shifting to uni, most effective to find nearly all of their categories could be taught on-line once more.

When do scholars search for lodging?

For many who are making plans to transport to a brand new space or flat subsequent yr, the fall and wintry weather months are the commonest occasions to view houses.

Here is an outline of when scholars within the survey have regarded, or plan to seem, for brand new lodging:

Infographic showing before Nov - 10%, Nov - 14%, Dec - 6%, Jan - 10%, Feb - 9%, Mar - 7%, Apr - 5%, May - 3%, June - 3%, July - 1%, Aug - 2%, After Aug - 2%, Not moving - 28%

Have scholars signed apartment contracts for 2022/23 but?

30% of scholars within the survey mentioned that they would began in search of lodging through December 2021. On the other hand, now not they all had but signed their subsequent apartment contract on the time of answering the survey in January – February.

Once we requested scholars if they have got signed their tenancy settlement for subsequent yr’s lodging, that is what they mentioned:

  • 41% – Have not signed their subsequent contract, however will do
  • 33% – Have not signed their subsequent contract, and are not making plans to
  • 26% – Have signed their subsequent contract.
For any scholars who’re making plans to hire subsequent yr however have not but signed a tenancy contract, it may assist to request a wreck clause. This might provide the proper to finish a tenancy early if you want to.

How a lot does scholar lodging price?

Infographic showing average rent is £148 pw

Amongst scholars within the survey who paid hire, the typical quantity they paid each and every week was once ever so relatively upper than closing yr, up from £146 to £148.

It will sound like a small building up, but if we imagine that the typical scholar tenancy period is round 10 months, this equates to an building up of about £87 a yr.

6% of scholars within the survey mentioned they’re these days in hire arrears. The typical quantity owed through those scholars is £635, so any building up is inevitably going to place an additional pressure on their budget and building up their chance of eviction.

It is very being worried to think about any scholars dealing with eviction, however sadly, 5% of scholars within the survey (up from just one% closing yr) have prior to now been evicted because of unpaid hire.

Pupil hire in each and every area of the United Kingdom

Round the United Kingdom, reasonable scholar apartment costs range extensively, from £99 a week in Northern Eire to £185 a week in London.

Infographic showing Scotland - £180, NI - £99, Wales - £152, NE England - £113, NW England - £142, Yorkshire - £118, West Midlands - £144, East Midlands - £123, East England - £142, London - £185, South East England - £152, South West England - £164

Whilst London is predictably the most costly a part of the United Kingdom for college students to reside in, it is unexpected to look that the typical price of scholar hire in Scotland is just about as top (£180 a week).

It is price noting that, out of the survey respondents who lived in Scotland, nearly part had been in Edinburgh which could have impacted the typical determine.

As hire in Edinburgh is typically upper than in different places in Scotland, it would possibly not essentially be reflective of the entire nation. However, it nevertheless highlights that some scholars are lacking out at the greater Upkeep Loans presented to scholars in London, in spite of paying just about as a lot in hire.

We requested scholars within the survey whether or not they believed scholar lodging prices must be stored in step with Upkeep Loans, and 80% agreed they must.

For the ones looking to stay alongside of the price of hire, is the Upkeep Mortgage large enough? That is what some scholars within the survey advised us:

  • As a scholar at the lowest Upkeep Mortgage, it does now not duvet my lodging so I’ve to paintings so much each and every summer season and vacations [and] part-time at uni to make ends meet, in addition to going into my overdraft. (Uni halls)
  • As my Upkeep Mortgage does not duvet my lodging totally, I’ve to have a role to pay for meals, and so on. (Non-public halls)
  • I’m fortunate sufficient to have sufficient Upkeep Mortgage to hide my hire. I simply need to paintings to hide meals and further bills. (Uni halls)
  • My Upkeep Mortgage is a LOT much less [than] hire anyplace and [I’ve] been became clear of jobs as a result of they mentioned they are not looking for uni scholars. (Non-public landlord)

Which lodging is least expensive?

In keeping with responses to the survey from scholars who reside in college halls, personal halls or in a assets that has a personal landlord, that is how a lot their hire prices on reasonable:

Lodging sort Moderate weekly hire
Uni lodging £147
Non-public halls £151
Non-public landlord £153

You might understand that a few the figures within the desk are upper than the typical total determine of £148 a week that we discussed above. It is because the whole determine is a mean amongst all scholars that pay hire, which will come with those that reside with oldsters/guardians or reside in different types of lodging.

What do scholars get for his or her cash?

Here is what scholars have integrated of their hire:

Infographic showing water - 60%, electricity - 58%, broadband - 50%, gas - 49%, nothing - 29%, cleaning - 22%, laundry - 18%, gym - 12%, other - 1%As we will discover in additional element later, the emerging price of expenses is weighing at the minds of many scholars.

You need to notice that round 60% of scholars have electrical energy and/or fuel integrated of their hire. This leaves the remainder 40% desiring to pay no less than some power expenses each and every month.

What else do scholars want to pay for?

Infographic showing the average deposit is £285 and 1 in 5 students struggle to get their full deposit back

With the typical apartment deposit costing scholars £285, it is relating to that round one in 5 within the survey (19%) who’ve had a deposit have discovered it arduous to obtain theirs again in complete.

We inspire scholars to learn their tenancy agreements intimately to make sure they perceive the contract and will keep away from the danger of dropping their deposit unnecessarily.

28% of scholars within the survey did not in my view learn their tenancy settlement ahead of signing it. On the other hand, this determine is relatively down from closing yr, when 31% hadn’t in my view learn theirs.

Infographic showing 28% don't read their accommodation contract

Amongst those that did not in my view learn their tenancy settlement, 14% mentioned their oldsters did, whilst 6% mentioned their buddies/housemates did. 8% mentioned that no one learn the contract ahead of they signed it.

We heard from some scholars within the survey about how a long way their hire is going:

  • Dwelling with oldsters as a result of renting and halls had been each horrific reviews and now not price for cash. (With oldsters/guardians)
  • The whole thing is integrated so there is no pressure. It is usually catered (inclusive pre-paid meal card) so do not want to fear about meals or getting ready meals both. It is trendy, blank, WiFi [is] superb and amenities are excellent. I’d now not get the similar degree of convenience or price for cash by means of personal lodging. Plus it is Welsh talking/bilingual too. (Uni halls)
  • I like it [because] it has a gymnasium so it saves me on paying gymnasium fare and it has 24/7 safety. Additionally proper within the town centre really easy get entry to to numerous golf equipment, eating places, supermarkets, and so on. (Non-public halls)
  • The hire is affordable and the home is beautiful however it is riddled with mildew and our landlord ignores us. (Non-public landlord)

Is scholar lodging reasonably priced?

As we discussed, round one in 20 scholars have already confronted eviction previously. However even for college students who have not reached the purpose of being in hire arrears and/or dropping their scholar lodging, it may nonetheless be an enormous combat.

Infographic showing 53% struggle to keep up with rent

53% of scholars that pay hire mentioned that they’ve struggled to stay alongside of the price of it. When this stat is damaged down, 11% discovered it a continuing combat, whilst 42% mentioned they try now and again.

For too many scholars, worries about lodging prices are affecting their research and their well being.

Infographic saying 62% say health suffers and 40% say studying suffers

Particularly, some scholars advised us concerning the have an effect on that lodging prices and problems have had on their psychological well being:

  • Bodily and mentally, my well being has struggled because of the price and now not having the ability to have heating or scorching water. It is not a pleasant position to reside and with how COVID has modified the whole thing, we weren’t given any kindness or figuring out. I’ve a horrible immune device and having no heating on all day in an inexpensive home is in reality arduous. (Non-public landlord)
  • As an estranged scholar, it’s in reality tricky to have enough money the entire residing prices and socialising on the similar time. It closely affects my psychological well being and for sure creates a sense of alienation compared to my fortunate friends whose hire is paid through their circle of relatives. (Uni halls)
  • My hire is so affordable for what amenities I’ve. If anything else, my psychological well being advantages from this. (Non-public halls)
  • Consistent fear and nervousness over skill to pay on time if in any respect! (Non-public landlord)

How is the emerging price of power expenses affecting scholars?

With 53% of scholars already suffering with the price of hire, the emerging worth of power is including to an already difficult scenario for lots of.

As we discussed previous, 40% of scholars within the survey want to pay no less than some power expenses on best in their hire. Those scholars are paying a mean of £62 each and every per 30 days on power.

Infographic showing the average student's energy bill is £62pm

From this, we are ready to calculate that the typical price of power expenses in line with scholar family is £220 per 30 days.

However, as has been extensively coated within the media, the price of power is emerging.

The expanding power costs have already contributed to a few suppliers going into chapter 11. 18% of scholars within the survey that experience power expenses arrange mentioned that they have been with an power supplier that has long gone bust thus far this instructional yr.

4 in 5 scholars within the survey who’ve power expenses are frightened concerning the emerging prices. On best of this, round 3 in 5 have noticed their power expenses building up because of the emerging costs.

Infographic showing 79% worry about the rising cost of bills

Infographic showing 28% don't read their accommodation contract

It is already having an have an effect on.

3-quarters of scholars within the survey who should not have power expenses integrated in hire mentioned they have got needed to scale back on heating because of how a lot the expenses price.

In addition to this, we had been alarmed to listen to that many scholars look forward to desiring to spend much less on groceries, socialising, shuttle and extra because of the emerging price of expenses.

Amongst scholars within the survey who should not have expenses integrated in hire, those are the spaces of spending they be expecting to scale back directly to pay for expenses:

Spending class What number of will scale back on spending
Takeaways and consuming out 62%
Garments and buying groceries 57%
Socialising 54%
Vacations and occasions 46%
Groceries 43%
Shuttle 42%
Presents and charity 33%
Learn about fabrics 29%
Well being and wellbeing 24%
Cell phone 21%
None 10%

The federal government’s make stronger bundle

When scholars are expecting spending much less on meals to stay alongside of expenses, the problem is plainly pressing. But, as we discussed previous, the federal government’s make stronger bundle seriously overlooks scholars’ monetary struggles.

Providing the £150 rebate to families in England in council tax bands A–D excludes full-time scholars, as they are exempt from paying council tax.

The federal government highlights in this text that the rebate is meant to assist families with the emerging price of expenses. Many full-time scholars are confronted with those expanding prices. However, as they do not qualify for the £150 rebate, our calculations have led us to estimate that they are lacking out on over £40 million of make stronger.

This in itself is an enormous blow to scholars. However it’s extra relating to nonetheless that the £200 expenses credit score in October may price many scholars extra money than it saves them.

For college students who’ve expenses integrated in hire, the expenses credit score would possibly not get advantages them, however many will nonetheless want to pay it again. This may increasingly in particular impact the 92% of scholars in uni halls that experience expenses integrated, in addition to the 86% in personal halls that do. Even those that should not have expenses integrated in hire would possibly reside with fewer housemates after graduating, and may due to this fact pay off greater than they save.

We estimate that, total, present undergraduate scholars will finally end up paying round £60 million greater than they are going to save during the £200 credit score.

In fact, there may be the discretionary investment of £144 million for inclined other people and the ones on low earning that do not pay council tax, or who pay council tax for houses in bands E–H. On the other hand, this investment is in no way assured to scholars, highlighting that they’ve been left as an afterthought with this make stronger bundle.

Here is what scholars say concerning the emerging price of expenses:

  • The upward push in power expenses is severely affecting our use of property. The whole thing must be reduce quick. (Non-public halls)
  • Heating expenses reason me numerous nervousness. (Non-public landlord)
  • Even supposing my expenses are integrated with hire so I do not want to pay for them, I’m nonetheless mindful and concerned [about] power expenses emerging for once I do need to pay one day and it makes me take understand of the way a lot I’m the use of the heating, and so on. (Uni halls)
  • Our power expenses have greater from approx. £90 – £95 to over £130 in spite of being constantly underneath our per 30 days estimates for the previous two years. (Non-public landlord)
  • I used to be surprised after we needed to pay our expenses. The agent advised us an estimate of £25 each and every month for the each and every folks. It is in reality top and that may through the cause of us shifting to another accomodation, even if the hire is fine, the expenses are simply an excessive amount of. (Non-public landlord)

How scholars pay for his or her hire

Do scholars want to borrow cash to hide the price of hire?

Infographic showing 56% borrow money for rent

The percentage of scholars announcing they want to borrow cash to pay hire has noticeably greater since our 2021 lodging survey, up from 47% to 56%.

Having a look in particular at the place scholars are borrowing cash from, oldsters are the commonest supply of investment:

Infographic showing parents - 30%, Bank - 21%, friends - 13%, university - 10%, credit card - 6%, payday loan - 3%, employer - 3%

Remaining yr, we noticed a dip within the percentage of scholars borrowing cash thru bank cards to hide the price of hire, down from 6% in 2020 to three% in 2021. This yr, the determine has risen again as much as 6%.

Some other noticeable shift has been within the percentage of scholars turning to their college for cash to stay alongside of hire. In each our 2020 and 2021 lodging surveys, a constant 7% mentioned they gained cash from their uni for hire.

With it now as much as 10%, it is imaginable {that a} rising percentage of scholars are conscious about the make stronger to be had from their universities within the type of hardship investment.

In Would possibly 2021, Universities Minister, Michelle Donelan, advised us that the federal government had given universities extra money to head against hardship investment. This too may have performed a component.

How a lot do oldsters pay?

Infographic showing parents contribute £2,288 a year towards rent

Every yr, scholars are receiving a mean of £44 a week (£2,288 in line with yr) from their oldsters to head against apartment prices.

Obviously, the price of term-time lodging affects now not most effective scholars, however ceaselessly their households too. As residing prices upward push, the weight on each scholars and their oldsters may aggravate.

We’ve got heard from various scholars within the survey who expressed feeling responsible and frightened about depending on their oldsters’ assist to hide the price of hire:

  • I fear about borrowing cash from my oldsters. It makes me really feel dangerous about myself. (Uni halls)
  • Even supposing my mum will pay, I think continuously careworn to search for the most affordable issues to incur much less price for her. I fear about placing monetary pressure at the circle of relatives and none of my flatmates are accountable sufficient to finances so it falls to me. (Non-public landlord)
  • I think guilt being indebted to my oldsters. (Non-public halls)
  • My oldsters pay my hire and even if they presented, I think dangerous for now not having the ability to give a contribution. (Non-public landlord)
  • My oldsters pay for it however I’m frightened as a result of I realize it’s a burden on them, particularly with the change price. (Non-public halls)

What problems do scholar renters face?

On best of the pressures of maintaining with hire and expenses, scholars revel in stunning housing problems which will take a very long time to get resolved through their landlords. In some instances, the problems do not get resolved in any respect.

Within the survey, we requested scholars about problems they have got skilled with housemates and with the houses they reside in. Here is what they mentioned.

Greatest issues of housemates

Infographic showing leaving out dirty dishes - 51%, not helping with cleaning - 44%, being too loud - 37%, leaving food to rot - 35%, leaving lights/appliances on - 33%, not removing hair from plug holes - 24%, stealing food - 22%, not changing toilet roll- 20%, leaving windows open - 20%, taking long showers - 15%, leaving the toilet seat up - 15%, moving a partner in - 12%, other - 3%

Simply over part of scholars within the survey have had problems with their housemates leaving out grimy dishes – round a 3rd have even noticed meals being omitted to rot of their lodging.

On best of this, 44% were excited about others of their family now not serving to with cleansing, whilst 37% have struggled with loud housemates.

Greatest issues of houses

Infographic showing lack of water/heating - 30%, damp - 26%, building work - 17%, rodents/pests - 15%, inappropriate/unannounced landlord visits - 13%, break in/burglary - 7%, smoke/carbon monoxide alarms not working - 7%, dangerous living conditions - 7%, other - 5%, bed bugs - 4%

The 2 maximum commonplace housing problems for college students is having no water or heating (30%) or damp (26%).

On the other hand, additionally it is very being worried to listen to that 13% of scholars within the survey obtain irrelevant or unannounced landlord visits, whilst 7% have had a break-in or housebreaking.

On best of this, 7% have skilled bad residing prerequisites, and an equivalent percentage have additionally had a damaged smoke or carbon monoxide alarm.

Like every tenants, scholars need to reside someplace that is protected. It is stunning to listen to that, for too many, this is not all the time the case.

We’ve got heard various being worried tales from scholars about their lodging. Listed here are some examples:

  • [We] had no heating or scorching water and even blank water ([the] clear out in [the] boiler wasn’t modified for months) and the home was once freezing and we had been all unwell for some time and could not recover because it was once so chilly. [Also] our washing could not dry so it created a moist environment which made it worse. (Non-public landlord)
  • We will’t request assist over the weekend so had a sink that was once slowly flooding our cabinets and kitchen that we could not prevent. (Non-public halls)
  • My 2d yr space was once terrible. I had mattress insects, like woodlice, in my mattress and had to shop for my very own mattress. After I moved in, not anything were wiped clean, there [were] pizza slices at the ground. The cellar flooded when it rained, and it was once carpet. The owner would not unravel any of the numerous (many extra) problems so we wrote them at the chalk board so when other people got here for viewings, they might see the entire problems that hadn’t been resolved. Even then they did not get resolved, so we moved out. (Non-public landlord)
  • Mattress insects, mildew, the whole thing is grimy and damaged. (Uni halls)
  • Our landlord hasn’t handled our silverfish factor. (Non-public landlord)

How lengthy does it take to get issues looked after?

Infographic showing 28% of housing issues aren't resolved within a week

For college students within the survey who’ve skilled problems with their lodging, 28% have discovered that it may take over every week for the issues to be resolved. This contains 6% who mentioned their problems are not mounted in any respect.

When scholars revel in issues of their lodging, that is the place they flip to for recommendation:

Infographic showing parents - 57%, friends - 40%, university - 35%, online forums/resources - 17%, citizens advice bureau - 12%, legal professional - 7%, shelter - 4%, other - 1%

Is scholar housing definitely worth the spend?

Given the a large number of problems we now have explored on this survey, it is disappointing however possibly now not unexpected that 35% advised us they do now not view their lodging as excellent price for cash.

Infographic showing 1 in 3 view their accommodation as poor value for money

Whilst that is a lot upper than we’d hope to look, one certain discovering from the survey is this determine has dropped from closing yr, when 47% of scholars had mentioned the similar. Because the pandemic is now having a lot much less of an have an effect on on scholars’ residing scenarios, this has most likely led extra to view their lodging as excellent price for cash.

On the other hand, there may be nonetheless a protracted solution to move to make certain that all scholar renters reside in houses which are protected, heat and definitely worth the cash that they spend.

What do the professionals say?

Save the Pupil

Jake Butler, Save the Pupil’s cash professional, says:

jake butler headshotThe price of lodging is already an enormous drain on scholars’ budget and as we will see from our newest insights, the location is sadly set to get so much worse.

The federal government has presented assist however the overwhelming majority of scholars will not be able to get entry to it. In relation to the £200 rebate, it is in truth most likely many will finally end up paying it again over the following 5 years in spite of by no means having the good thing about the saving within the first position. How can that be honest?

That is all on best of the continued factor that the Upkeep Mortgage, which is meant to assist scholars duvet residing prices like this, was once now not sufficient, even ahead of the spiralling will increase in the price of residing.

Along the alarming upward push in power costs, we conservatively estimate that the volume of make stronger that present scholars are set to fail to spot will probably be over £100 million. I’m calling on Rishi Sunak and the Universities Minister, Michelle Donelan, to stipulate what they plan to supply to, what appears to be, a forgotten sector of our society.


Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, NUS Vice-President for Upper Training, provides:

This essential file presentations simply how damaged the scholar lodging device is.

NUS know from our personal analysis into scholar lodging prices that rents have greater through 61% within the closing decade. They now soak up nearly 3 quarters of the utmost mortgage to be had to scholars and are significantly costlier than the typical mortgage.

Save the Pupil have proven obviously that the scholar apartment device is damaged. We’re previous the purpose the place scholars are even just about affording this which is why we are pursuing fashionable exchange each thru apartment reform and supporting grassroots student-led setting up. Like the wider schooling device, not anything about this failing marketized style is inevitable.

Pupil housing sources

Those guides come with information or recommendation about most of the subjects coated on this file:

In regards to the Nationwide Pupil Lodging Survey 2022

Need to know extra concerning the survey, or want case research, feedback or quotes? We are satisfied to assist – simply drop us a line.

You are welcome to reference or re-use knowledge from the survey with credit score and a hyperlink again to the web site: “Supply: The Nationwide Pupil Lodging Survey 2022 /

The survey polled 1,245 scholars in the United Kingdom between sixth January 2022 and third February 2022.

Our estimate that present scholars may finally end up being over £100 million worse off in comparison to the ones eligible for the whole make stronger bundle is according to effects from this survey and HESA knowledge.

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